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gif geek mcdonalds mc donalds hamburgler drive thru steal fail 
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gif,gif animation, animated pictures,geek,mcdonalds,mc donalds,hamburgler,drive thru,steal,fail
Comments 423.05.202021:53link4.5
Is anybody home?
L0gin L0gin24.05.202022:08responselink -1.5
I am. What's up?
MorrisSzyslak MorrisSzyslak25.05.202011:43responselink -1.5
...and that's why you pull up close to the window, instead of forcing the staff lean out on their ribs on a steel counter just to hand you your food... like an asshole.
Hinoron Hinoron25.05.202021:11responselink -0.1
Free food
moo_roar moo_roar26.05.202000:49responselink 0.0
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