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penguin,funny,fashion,picture,funny picture

penguin,funny,fashion,picture,funny picture
Comments 516.06.202114:34link2.7
(Do note: Not real penguins)
Hinoron Hinoron16.06.202118:04responselink -1.2
Not in THIS picture; Their flippers are folding like cotton, and their simplified heads are actually navy blue. Their feet are stuffed felt.
Hinoron Hinoron17.06.202115:42responselink -1.2
If you read the article it states these are toys....
alcortje alcortje18.06.202103:57responselink 0.0
Sorry, the email reply notification version I read first had a line insisting these were real penguins.
Hinoron Hinoron18.06.202115:37responselink 0.0
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