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funny pictures 
funny pictures

funny pictures
Comments 1725.05.202220:42link10.7
I can post 7 pictures now, I remember a couple months ago when it dropped down to 3 pictures only. Maybe some trolls came and just kept down voting me until I hit 0, the lowest I got was 80s. I was at 400/500 and just kept dropping. Then the Russian trolls came and super upvoted everything and kept bothering me. It’s sad they are all gone now because of the war going on, be safe. My joyreactor score is at 1,022 which don’t mean shit in real life. I did want 500 pages of uploaded stuff to here and was going to leave. I left a bit and saw I’m near 1000 and should leave when I hit 1000. So maybe I will leave for now or for a while and just back away from here again.


moo_roar moo_roar 25.05.202220:47 response link 1.5
You will not be forgotten.
koritar koritar 26.05.202215:02 response link 1.9
the reactor is losing good people
It will be sad without you
Mindhunter Mindhunter26.05.202215:30responselink 1.6
i Hk  JIJJ il
крокозябр крокозябр 26.05.202216:02 response link 2.1
Good luck and hope you find new place quite soon!
Or make an account on ;)
Gluttony Gluttony26.05.202218:31responselink 0.0
link to the gif
Вiдэлька Вiдэлька 26.05.202219:22 response link 0.0
See you in the internet.
Van-ay Van-ay 27.05.202201:32 response link 0.0
Acudji Acudji26.05.202215:05responselink 1.6
Badbnbt Badbnbt 26.05.202216:08 response link 1.5
Thanks for all the love
Gonna post some more pics

And Peace out

You guys post a bunch of whatever and have fun
moo_roar moo_roar 26.05.202216:22 response link 0.8
We'll remember the last proud pidor-soldier of .com reactor. It was fun to come to this place while event lasts. Good luck to you, pal.
warcrafter2010 warcrafter2010 26.05.202218:06 response link 0.3
Man, why don't you visit .cc for a few days? Maybe it would be not so bad? We have a lot of people who can talk english even without reversing an "R" letter to the left side.
unexpectedfuck unexpectedfuck 26.05.202218:44 response link 0.1
You may leave joyreactor, but joyreactor will not leave you.
Prain Prain 26.05.202223:01 response link 1.0
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