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I wanna post something funny!

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dragonarte comics Goku Dragon Ball anime Superman DC Comics chuck norris celebrities dragonball gt ...fandoms 

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CHUCK K)0^p.\S fiAS MUaA&EK i 5 ASSWOR,t>'bRUCE /EECO/A. NitE^ MV \VALLmail. op. PAOMEHTTf :// pow E R  F poWEC- N/ElT,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,chuck norris,celebrities,pi,password,geek
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CHUCK NORRIS? WASN'T THAT THE GUV THATyou KNOW, ACTUALLY MAYING WOW HE C?IEC? WOULP'VE BEEN \ OBSCENE.EH/ YOU UNPERSTOOt? WHO I MEANT.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,movies,tv,actor,name,chuck norris,celebrities
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funny pictures autoxena warrior princess chuck norris yao ming face sandwich 

Which one of you just asked me to make him a sandwich?!Mustard or no mustard?,funny pictures,autoxena warrior princess,chuck norris,yao ming face,sandwich
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funny pictures,auto,photo,girl,chuck norris,guy,dude, fellow,laugh
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You can't wear a Chuck Norris shirt,t-shirt,chuck norris
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mail,chuck norris
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