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Unknown Disney Fact #72 On her first day of learning how to be human, the Little Mermaid shit her pants 3 times.,cartoon,disney princess,little mermaid,pants,oops,facts
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games facts 

There is a game called Waiting in Line 3D, where all you do is wait in line. Because waiting in line is so boring, the player has to punch themselves in the face to stay awake. You have to be careful not to punch too often, or you'll kill yourself.,games,facts
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chameleon facts itsthetie comics 

acH("act" # 1 : Ctame\eons> ten in wUb -VVieir en\/ironimen+.fac\ : CViameUons don't In owe spinesIts tW't- ie. coyv\,chameleon,facts,itsthetie,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons

The tue power romger is \\\ebesVAVe we? red 0/ie v^ou\cl Kclc Vls QSS,chameleon,facts,itsthetie,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons

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lunarbaboon,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,facts
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HEY! IM THE  FACTS! DID YOU) OMLY WANT THE PORT OF YOU -THAT SUPPORTS OUR 'i OPINION. ---'BUT THEY COULDAND DID.OOJLTURD.COm#,owlturd,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,facts
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FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITA ball of glass Will bounce higher than a ball of rubber.SCOOPWHOOP.co,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITIf your car could drive up, you would reach outer space in an hour.*s//SCOOPWHOOP.com,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap


CTS THAT SOThe founder of Ma.tch.com, Ga.ry Kremen, lost his girlfriend to a gay she met on Ma.tch.com.SCOOPWHOOPe,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

The lighter ivus invented before the nnatchstick.SCOOPWHOOPe,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITA ustralia once lost Their Prime Minister, Harold Holt, and he iv as never found.SCOOPWHOOPcom,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITA cloud typically weighs 1.1 million pounds.SCOOPWHOOP.com,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITThere was an Emu war in 132 between Emu birds and the A ustralian army. The Emus won.SCOOPWHOOP.co,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

FACTS THAT SOUND LIKE BULLSHITBetty White was actually born before 'sliced bread'.SCOOPWHOOP.cc,scoopwhoop,lists,facts,like,looks,snap

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animals facts sadanimalsfacts 

LEECHES HAVE 35 BRAINS.,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

D<>3S '+ sea. jeftvision,pretend fa l^ tSo -/tvvj Can doje 4oaJcm,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

M pondas n?|aTd " 3en+ pondas; ffcunlcs, or wJruy.S<k d onimedod-s. ce/o,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts



The ''rave N^fbf |^) * ^Y-,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

iveMtf *Ktir,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

Worms ivie no one ^0 1#^',animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

railvj bears car> Sme.ii things wtn i mile ^,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

_ , \in.rA^ eaV k 0* \oi\S W 1.,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

s\? m*1,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

GopAU-fVS CRN (VI C0L-&S- SadatupnaJ-facts .com,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

Crows MeVR- - - foR&ET A FftcC.,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

if Ws earns. I 44( VA<^,n jar o-f brvs^. itfOvJld Cc>9t #182,<>.a cl 4A1 UlCwtb^f. corn,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

 cn4jMnp.A I/,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

JELLYFISH H(WENO Ht\RTS,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

M octopus Lives ALorOE And LEASES' Home onlywhen absolutely necessary,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

\F 0U CUT OFF A SNAIL'S IT W\LL 0) AO.LerneclrhcdorULihn hcLTcf,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

3N0*IV J331S SyaSBZ,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

'001 CWS\| 11 QN\jaoiiAj ^1n> ssaNQ^s 3SIN3S ( ^1,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

I\iyj OpoSS^ // CftftfttES ftUL tfER0HER&RCK.,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

RoADRoNNtRS make THEmSELVes CRY To SET R't> of EXCESS S'ftLT.chipj*sfS |,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

C\Cf\DftS Sigp foRSEVENTEEN EPRSr\ *fIMow I *cKck n mvjB/ckbus^r VideoSit CKim<*4 fac^S .coff4,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

ROTHS HAVE-NO STOMACH*Wi5i,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

Go AT 5 CA|\J SEE AlmoST 3Co AROUND THEM,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

IF ft F EM ftUF FERpCT oES INTO HFflT And Doesn't WflTF SHE will t)lE,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

Foxes live and work flNDEflT A No sl flLofJ,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

fRo6s can CLOSE- THE\R,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

QlRS airJ'T fAT iN 0ureR spflcfTHEy i/Se 6VITY To ShJAUW,animals,facts,sadanimalsfacts

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animals facts gif 

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mcdonalds facts informative 

12 FACTS ABOUT MCDONALD S THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND1. McDonald's has over 35,000 locations, more than Burger King (14,000), Wendy's (6,500), Taco Bell (6,200), and Arby's (3,400) combined.AAm3. McDonald's employs 1.8 million people, more than the population of Philadelphia (1.5 million).5. Its 70
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