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I wanna post something funny!

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Hello There

Hello My Dear Friends! Miss me?)

Next week I'll move to Georgia, wanna see some stories about living the Highlands?

Anyway, see you next week from new location!
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Lil man problems

180 cm179cm,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,story
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Youneedtoknownews Never Trust Anyone:A couple decides to commit suicide after going through a really hard tough time in life. So they both decided to jump off a 20 storey building to death. When they got to the topmost floor, they both agreed to count 1-3 and jump. On the 3rd count, the woman
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Nice trip to the .com

Farewell comrades, maybe see you soon, maybe not...
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And if I don’t know how to Art, comics, scribbles, music, crafts, photos, cosplay. And most importantly I'm lazy ?,story,event,sandbox
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faggots help!

Such a thing, my grandmother opened the Internet, and unfortunately went to the wrong place. Full package:
- Tiktoks with a country of disinformation from phimotic incels.
- The first channel, which is like on TV only worse.
And so on and so forth. To my attempts to explain that you should not believe any bullshit without checking, she issued an ultimatum - "give me, vnuchek, an algorithm (How is it, to search and check the dat'ы enti, vnuchek)
So...Does anyone have an adequate article on the principles of checking and confirming data on the Internet, simple enough to understand and not really stupid? Of course, I am now looking for something similar, or rather I will even write it myself, but I will not say that I am very attentive and tem pache, competent in the matter of verification.
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The covid pandemic is over.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,story,sandbox
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The Quigmansby Buddy Hickerf 5o "tbevn tbe Little Lbe-iNe " J tbmk TX 4biNL X CAV1...Lu+ it \?|ew CyLin <dep efnd slid b>*ckw<s*r p down -tbe bXL ;M+o t/ieCity wbere it Ji^rno lished <*Wbdt*st^nd.Uncle Dan reads from The Little Engine That Faced Reality.*,comics,funny comics &amp; strips,
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RespectIS FOR THOSF W+ EARN IT,NOT FOR THOSF W T>WANT> IT,story,personal,anon
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funny pictures,story
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