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funny pictures kfc colonel sanders book 

Colonel's gonna get some thighs and breasts

funny pictures,kfc,colonel sanders,book

funny pictures,kfc,colonel sanders,book
Comments 609.05.201920:48link4.4
Going to a chicken store and seeing the sexy cashier and asking for thighs and breast, it's always kind of cringe worthy
moo_roar moo_roar 10.05.201919:25 response link 0.0
That depends. Do you ask for two firm thighs and a couple of juicy breasts?
alcortje alcortje 10.05.201920:31 response link 0.0
Lmfao no

But when she bend over I ask for sweet buns
moo_roar moo_roar 10.05.201921:37 response link 0.0
I can't say I've ever seen a cashier in a KFC I would call "sexy". A few "almost spherical", but I'm not into that.
Hinoron Hinoron 12.05.201907:20 response link 0.0
You're right.
jasonbourne jasonbourne 12.05.201909:11 response link 0.0
Steve Buscemi... is that you?
Hinoron Hinoron 03.05.202018:16 response link 0.0
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